Mara Halayko

My teaching style can be described as Sunday morning gospel dance party with a lot of heat and a lot of love. The space we create is that of acceptance for yourself and everyone else in the room. I weave Kristin Campbell’s incredible Tapasaya yoga style with a little Vinyasa flow. You will find yourself moving through class to the sounds of Notorious BIG, Trevor hall and the XX. My goal is for you to leave the class feeling nourished, supported and inspired to take your best-self off the mat and into your day. 

Annie McDonald 

Having a healthy body and mind is something I feel very passionate about. I aim to give everyone in my class the opportunity to burn some juice and to leave feeling stronger and more clear than when they arrived. I teach Tapasya yoga and I alternate with a hatha and vinyasa version.

Genevieve Pardoe 

Since 2012, Genevieve has been teaching Pilates & Yoga. Her experience includes private sessions at The Ritz Carlton Hotel, Pre & Post Natal and Injury Recovery patients in a physiotherapy clinic, and the Canadian Forces College in Toronto. She has also been a Lolë Yoga Ambassador, both in Toronto & Whistler, for four years.

Jenna Lamont

Jenna has been a group Fitness professional since 2008. She completed her 200-hour yoga teacher training in 2016, she holds a Zumba B1 and B2 certification, spin certification, Barr certification and as well is a certified holistic nutritionist.

Jenna brings an innovative style that is inspired by dance, world music, and is high energy. Her classes are catered around her love of music. She believes in motivating people with a smile and a fun disposition.

Lisa McIntosh

Lisa Mcintosh is a Certified Infant Massage Instructor(CIMI) and has worked with children and families in the sea to sky corridor for the past 20 years in a variety of ways and is always looking for ways to enhance her practice as an educator and facilitator. In February of this year, Lisa attended a 4 day intensive training with the International Association of Infant Massage and immediately felt connected to their philosophies of respecting the child as a whole being and engaging in a mutually respectful practice. 

Micaela Carron 

Yoga found Micaela - as it found you - at the perfect time. There is magic in surrender, in focus and in breath. She believes in bold intentions and taking chances, and that fear is the most common yet surmountable obstacle. Micaela’s teaching focuses on body intelligence and the Yogic Path of Jnana Yoga (self-study). You’ll not only learn about alignment and anatomy, but also the “why” behind her teachings. Micaela aims to connect her students with their core - she will challenge you to come out of your comfort zone and become stronger, more graceful and flexible in a sustainable way. Come to her classes prepared to sweat, laugh, and most importantly –breathe!

Nathalie Saunderson

Her background in Power yoga and classical Hatha often meld together to create a class that aims to ground, empower and allow for release. With the recent birth of her daughter, she has gained a new awareness of the physical, mental and emotional needs of women raising families, and looks forward to sharing this with her community. Her classes encourage each student to explore their inner workings and create a relationship within themselves that fosters inspiration and flow. Regardless of level, experience or ability, she welcomes all students who have a curiosity for seeing with new eyes, breath by breath.

Tina Theophanous

In class, students feel a sense of safety where troubles melt away and hearts open wide. Focusing on moving body with breath to connect to the higher self. Tina had dreams of traveling to India for many years. In 2013, she resolved to make the journey and gain her 500-hour certification. This is where her journey really began. Through her studies, she realized she had only been practicing a small portion of yoga. Tina’s connection to her practice deepened. Her experience in India was life changing. She uses her personal experiences and practice to help guide her students. Prepare to sweat, move, laugh and possible cry in her class.

Melanie Lynch-Major

Melanie started her Forrest yoga journey in 2014 in Squamish and she was convinced very quickly on its healing abilities. Shortly after starting a regular Forrest Yoga practice, Mel did a second teacher training in hopes of tapping back into her dream of being a teacher. Taking the leap with the foundation training in San Francisco with Ana Forrest in 2015, her dream is coming to life everyday. Being able to experience a breakthrough moment with a student is what drives her to teach people how the power of breath, strength, integrity of the practice, and everyone's own individual spirit and style are all parts of this amazing tool that allows us to "life" daily!

Joelle Bronson

My name is Joelle and I'm from Ontario. I studied Kinesiology in my undergrad and from there progressed on to be a High School physical education, biology and special education teacher! I've recently moved to Squamish from Melbourne, Australia with my partner, and I have had a passion for working out and leading group fitness classes. I recently completed my Yoga Teacher Training in India and have been teaching fitness/aerobics classes for 5 years now. Squamish has welcomed me in with open arms, from the hiking and climbing, to the amazing welcoming community that has brought me in. Looking forward to working with everyone at Breathe! 

Annalize Hazel 

The founder of Breathe Yoga