matt bolton

mountain biker and trail builder

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Tell us a bit about your role as a professional athlete.

My goal as a mountain biker is to have as much fun as possible and to get people stoked on bikes. I also enjoy building and creating my own trails.

What do you do to stay healthy?

I spend a lot of time pedaling and riding, as well as daily stretching and body weight exercises.  I try to make it to yoga class 2 to 3 times a week.

What does training look like for you?

Lots of time pedaling, strengthening, and stretching. In the winter I try to spend a lot of time in the gym, and during the summer as much time riding and trail building as possible!

How do you take time for yourself when it comes to mental and physical recovery?

I think knowing when to take a rest day is very important. It's easy to burn yourself out by overdoing it so knowing when to take a day off is essential. Rest is essential both physically and mentally.

BEST moment of 2022 (whether that's in-competition, mentoring, community work, personal, etc)

For biking, getting to travel to Mexico to compete in the Trans Sierra Norte was very cool! Outside of biking, getting engaged was a dream come true.

Upcoming season/events/competitions 

I'm doing fewer events this season and focusing more on media content and traveling. Looking forward to summer road trips!

How does Breathe Fitness help you?

Yoga is the perfect combination of flexibility and strengthening that can be directly applied to biking. Staying loose and focused while riding is key as well as having the balance/reaction dialled in.