Fuse & Sip Perfectly peared - pear, apple, rose & vanilla infusion

Fuse & Sip Perfectly peared - pear, apple, rose & vanilla infusion

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This aromatic bevy is a juicy mix of pears, apples, roses, vanilla & organic cane sugar infused with hibiscus flowers. The beautiful golden hue of this drink and warm vanilla scent is pearfect for sipping with friends or for a cozy night in.

How to drink

Fill - Empty the package into a jar & add 12oz of your favorite choice of alcohol - we suggest gin or vodka but any booze works from tequila to bourbon (if you want to make mocktails simply add water)

Fuse - Seal it up & refrigerate. Fuse for 3 days for maximum flavour.

Sip - Shake & strain into 1.5 oz shots. Top with 3-4 oz of sparkling water, stir & enjoy!

If you can't possibly wait three days to infuse...

Empty the package into a pot, add 12oz of alcohol and slowly warm over the stove. Be sure not to boil or steam the alcohol, just warm slowly and stir. Once temperature is warm / hot turn off the stovetop and let sit. Allow to slowly cool on the stovetop for as long as possible. Once completely cool you can strain add sparkling water and enjoy.

Each infusion package makes 8-10 drinks and contains approximately 5 grams of sugar or 20 calories per serving. Compare that to a simple glass of juice at approximately 30 grams or 120 calories.

Did you know....

Rose is a wonderful antioxidant and provide calming and mood boosting properties. Pear, vanilla and apple are high in antioxidants while providing a natural sweetener to any beverage.