Achieve your New Year's resolutions this year with Breathe!



Set your health and wellness goals for 2019 and be ready to rock 100 classes from February 1 to July 31. Track your progress and celebrate your success with Breathe this year! 

Breathe Deep...

Right In The Heart of Downtown Squamish, Breathe is a boutique studio offering unique and unparalleled fitness and yoga classes in an Infrared Heated environment.

Breathe carries locally made activewear from BEWILDHER,  Spiritual Gangster; drinkware from Corkcicle and limited edition, eco-friendly, machine washable, printed yoga mats designed in Vancouver from Supported Soul.

Our Infrared Panel Heating offers waves of energy that penetrate deep into the human body (approx 4 cm) gently elevating the body’s surface temperature detoxifying the body at a cellular level - where most toxins reside - while burning fat, de-stressing, improving your flexibility and strength. Infrared therapy on its own can burn up to 300 calories in just 40 minutes. Click here for more information about the health benefits of infrared. 

Our Hot Fitness, Yoga, Pilates and Barre classes are innovative, invigorating and fun, presented by highly qualified, professional instructors.

Once you experience this one-of-a-kind workout in our boutique studio enhanced by the power of infrared, you’ll never want to sweat anywhere else!

What people say about infrared heat

The benefits are incredible and this heat is a much needed valuable tool to achieve health, vitality and detoxification. Every heart disease, cancer, weight loss, or diabetic patient should use it and use it as often as possible, even daily! This technology for heating the body is the same infrared heat that is used in the world’s best Saunas!

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Please arrive 10-15 minutes before all classes.

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