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Breathe Breathwork Meditation

Step into Summer: Breathwork to keep you calm and grounded by Shannon Frame, The Collective Alchemy. Saturday, June 8. 2024 | 6-8pm

We are excited to be welcoming back Shannon Frame from The Collective Alchemy for in-person breathwork meditation! Join us for a relaxing breathwork session to help you stay calm and centered as you step into summer.

Don't miss this opportunity to connect with your breath and embrace the summer vibes. See you there!

All are welcome. No experience needed. And if you've joined us before for a previous session please join us again - every breathwork experience is unique and offers you something different.

Led By: Shannon Frame (The Collective Alchemy)

Venue: Breathe Fitness Studio

When: Saturday, June 8. 2024 | 6-8pm

Investment: $75

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Squamish Sound Bath

Join us for a unique and immersive sound bath experience with Katerina Klimes of Mila Earth. June 15. 2024 | 6-8pm

Discover Inner Harmony: Join Our Sound Bath in Squamish! I'm thrilled to invite you to my first official sound bath in Squamish at the beautiful Breathe Fitness Studio. This isn’t just any sound bath—it's a transformative journey designed to align your chakras, ground your energy, and elevate your spirit.  

What Makes Our Sound Bath Unique?

Chakra Tuning: I tune the bowls like a fortune teller, revealing which chakras are off and need adjustment, and which are perfectly balanced. As the resonance of the bowls shifts, so will you, gradually aligning with your true self.

Magnesium Body Butter & Roll-On: Every participant receives a grounding magnesium body butter and roll-on to boost serotonin and melatonin, helping you feel more centered and at peace. 

Handcrafted Pure Chocolate: Indulge in handcrafted, pure chocolate made fresh from cocoa beans just days before. Experience the luxurious, melting flavors that enhance your breath work and deepen your connection to the session. 

Breath Work: Guided breath work will help you drift into a state of deep relaxation and unconscious healing, releasing what no longer serves you and focusing your energy on your true purpose. 

Foraged Tea: After the session, enjoy a soothing cup of foraged tea, further grounding your experience and promoting a sense of community.

I’ve learned that everything is frequency, and by connecting with our community and sharing these natural practices, we can achieve true harmony and wellness. 

Special Offer: The first 10 people to register after seeing this ad will receive a free magnesium roll-on! Don't miss this chance to dive deep within yourself and discover the profound benefits of sound healing and magnesium therapy. 

Led By: Katerina Klimes - Mila Earth

Venue: Breathe Fitness Studio

When: June 15. 2024 | 6-8pm

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