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Breathe Breathwork Meditation

Healing Breathwork: Healing Breathwork for Intention and Transformation into 2024 ~ by Shannon Frame, The Collective Alchemy

We are excited to be hosting Shannon Frame from The Collective Alchemy for in-person breathwork meditation.

Breathwork = Soulwork

Step into 2024 with intention and embrace the transformation that awaits you. Discover the incredible power of intention and breathwork to create lasting change in your life.

Now that the holiday celebrations have settled, what is it you’d like to bring into your 2024?

What’s craving to be present? Balance? Peace? Letting Go? Wellness? Perhaps it’s Joy or Forgiveness?

Engaging in soul work is a profound experience. Have you ever truly encountered your soul? I mean, connecting on such a profound level that it feels like your soul is communicating all the truths you've been yearning to hear but hesitated to confront? It's like receiving a cascade of beautiful, magical messages that gently guide you toward the path you are meant to walk.

The breathwork in this workshop is an active meditation technique designed to open your heart, liberate you from the confines of your conscious thinking mind by moving your into your body to facilitate a genuine connection with your soul. If you haven't met your soul in this way before, brace yourself because it's about to happen! Your breath emerges as a powerful ally, assisting you in transitioning from the realm of thoughts to the realm of your body - a place of infinite wisdom. Through this guided breathwork, you delve into a space where a profound self-connection occurs, enabling you to access deeper layers of intuition, release pent-up and stuck energies, create inner space, and seek answers.

In case you haven't realized it yet (which is perfectly fine), the answers you seek reside within YOU! Everything you need is already within, waiting for you to connect with your inner power. Your breath serves as a guide — a conduit to assist you in this transformative journey.

So, what is it that you seek? Your breath is here to lead the way.

All are welcome. No experience is needed. A notebook and pen are included in this workshop as a gift for you.

Benefits of Breathwork Include:

  • Assistance to help you release and let go (stuck energy holding you back).
  • Reset the nervous system so you are approaching things from a place of ease.
  • Reduced stress and anxiety (from the source - not on the surface level) .
  • Increased connection with your intuition and heart.
  • Stronger sense of purpose and self-worth.
  • Increased energy and motivation.
  • More focus and clarity = more efficient and productive.
  • Increased sense of feeling calm, grounded and at peace
  • Improved sleep.
  • Stronger immunity by releasing toxins.
  • More happiness and joy- so you can show up for yourself and others in your life.
  • Feel calm, peaceful, relaxed and restored.


  • Introduction
  • Journalling: Intention setting
  • Breathwork 101: What is breathwork and how does it work
  • Fully guided healing breathwork session
  • Time for integration
  • Sharing, questions etc

Led By: Shannon Frame: IG (The Collective Alchemy)

Venue: Breathe Fitness Studio

When: Saturday, February 24th. 2024

Time: 7:00pm - 9:00pm 

Investment: $75.00

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