set up your account & book into classes

Step 1: Download the Breathe Fitness App

Step 2: Set up your account (detailed "how to" below)*

Step 3: Read, understand, and sign the liability waiver and personal health questionnaire

Step 4: Select and purchase membership in the Breathe Fitness App (under store)

Step 5: Book into your first class right in the app and get your sweat on!


*you must sign up using a valid email to complete account setup.

Still have questions? Want to learn more? Not sure what options best suit you? Get in touch and we'd love to help get you started! Contact Breathe's Community Relationship Manager, Marija, for more info!

studio 1: Infrared heated yoga, fitness & barre studio

Our infrared heated fitness and yoga studio is always calm, clean, and welcoming, and our teachers lead with passion, purpose, and authenticity. Detox your body, heal your soul, and feel the deep healing of our FAR Infrared Fitness and yoga classes, an experience similar to exercising in the warmth of the summer sun.


studio 2: our non-heated fitness studio

Breathe has taken over the location next to our studio and retail location for non-heated fitness classes. This new studio location is called Studio 2 in the Breathe Fitness App.

This new studio space offers non-heated circuit training, boot camp, functional training, mobility classes, and more. Now you have the opportunity for more class options, getting you to move and sweat in more ways, at more times, with more space!



breathe fitness booking policies

booking with breathe fitness

To book into classes at Breathe, you must set up an account through the Breathe Fitness app. We've put together some guides to help you out while you get started. See below.

If you do not have a mobile device that supports this, you can set up your account via desktop, but the app is optimized for class and account management. Every guest must have their own profile and book into classes themselves. You cannot book into class for other guests under your own account.

Your secure login credentials verifies your information and gives you access to manage your own client profile, personal data, credit card information and where you can schedule classes, purchase passes/memberships in the online store, write reviews, and so much more.

Passwords can be reset by requesting a reset password link. Correct contact info including email is essential in client profiles, to receive verification email notifications, for your safety & security and for effective and consistent communication with the business to receive purchase receipts, schedule changes, class booking and cancellation notifications etc.

Clients need to remember logins and passwords as we do not have access to this information.

Once your account is set up, the booking and cancellation process is quick and easy, and it’s all done virtually - managed by you. No need for in-person transactions or support. You must input all information correctly + accurately. The app will restrict you from booking into classes if any information is missing.

We respect your privacy and it’s the law; you manage your personal data. We do not manage any personal client data. It is the responsibility of the guest to book into classes, cancel, and manage their account. Guests MUST complete and sign waiver, and provide emergency contacts to take classes in an infrared heated studio.

Troubleshooting Note: On occasion, the app is updated for necessary functional updates. Unfortunately, this may impact proper app loading. You may need to delete the apps and reload onto your devices. This should resolve any booking issues.

The technology is designed to protect and keep client data and credit card info confidential. Clients need to remember logins and passwords as we do not have access to this information. Passwords can be reset by requesting a reset password link. This is why correct contact info and emails is essential in client profiles, for effective and consistent communication with the business to receive purchase receipts, schedule changes, class booking and cancellation notifications etc.

heated classes + studio age restrictions

All of our classes are heated 35-40 degrees Celsius with 20-40% humidity and use FAR Infrared. More information can be found in class descriptions.

Due to the heated nature of the classes, Breathe Fitness’s Age minimum is 16 for independent attendance at adult classes. 16-18 year olds will need written parental/guardian consent. Please email us at


advanced book is required for all classes

Advanced booking is required for all classes as wait-listing is in effect, and we do not accept walk-ins. You are welcome to set up your account through the Breathe Fitness app and book into class if time permits. Details for pricing options, memberships, purchasing terms & conditions can be found directly in the app's "Online Store" in the "Product Details."

Advance pass or membership purchases are required. Waitlisting is in effect on a first come first serve basis. Bookings open eight days in advance, at the end of the class time.

how do I book into classes?

We've made it easy so you handle all of your own schedules. The easiest way to view, book & manage your personal information, account & schedule is by downloading our "Breathe Fitness" app. All bookings are managed personally by clients. Please do not contact us requesting for us to book/cancel you into classes. 

You may not book other guests into classes, only yourself.

yoga mat + shower reservations

Yoga mat + shower rentals are not included in your membership, but are offered for rent.

Both can be reserved separately and paid before attending the class. Mat rentals are $8 + tax each, and shower reservations are $8 + tax each. These can be reserved in advance through the Breathe app under your account. Show your reservations to your instructor before beginning class.

Why do we charge for shower rentals? We have one shower, which is cleaned daily and space for a small hot water tank for up to 3-4 hot showers per class. The appointment process helps prioritize client bookings and the small rental fee includes towels & luxurious shower products.

Why do we charge for mat rentals? The appointment process prioritizes client mat rental bookings and tracks when to wash and clean Breathe’s rental mats after client use.

when to arrive to class

To provide the best experience for you at Breathe, we have a strict attendance policy. We ask that you arrive 10-15 minutes before the start of class, as the front door is locked 5 minutes before the start of class to ensure we start & finish classes on time. 

after your class ends

We hope you enjoyed your class! Please share any feedback with the instructor, or email us at

Use equipment cleaner + cleaning cloths to spray & clean all used equipment & yoga mats.

Please exit the studio within 5-10 minutes of class ending so instructors have enough time to complete required cleaning in between classes.

canceling out of class: no-shows + late cancellations

Our EARLY cancellation policy is 12 hours. Cancel your spot in class by managing "My Schedule" in the Breathe Fitness app.

All class bookings and cancellations are managed personally by guests in the app. This applies to both a “Class” and “Waitlist” if you can no longer attend for any reason. This allows another guest in the Breathe community to attend the class. 

One "No Show" or “Late Cancellation” results in an immediate automatic $20.00 fee.

- We do not offer refunds on promotional discount codes not applied correctly.

- We do not offer refunds for "No Show" or "Late Cancellation" of classes.

waitlisting is in effect

We offer waitlisting at Breathe Fitness. Guests on the waitlist are automatically added to the class, first come, first serve.

Review "My Schedule" in the Breathe Fitness app to confirm the mat space number or your number on the waitlist. There are no penalties for cancellations off the waitlist. Only once you've been added to the class from the waitlist. You will not be notified when the waitlist changes. You need to confirm your spot in class by viewing "My Schedule."

If plans change and you can no longer attend the class, please cancel off the waitlist.

all sales are final

ALL sales are final—no refunds, exchanges, or membership transfers or extensions. Additionally, we do not offer refunds on promotional discount codes applied incorrectly.

Membership payments and passes once charged or purchased are not eligible for refunds.

can I put my breathe VIP membership/VIP couples membership or breathe VIP annual membership on hold?

Yes! Memberships can be put on hold. Every hold/pause (including medical, injury, pregnancy etc.) is a one-time $75.00 + tax admin fee per hold/pause. (couples memberships pay $75 per person).

Maximum two holds/pauses per year.

  • Minimum hold/pause 4 weeks;
  • Maximum hold/pause 2 months per calendar year;
  • or case by case. 

To pause your membership, please send us an email with 30 days notice and the hold/pause dates, so we can implement in a timely manner for the automatic payments.

I have a breathe VIP membership/VIP couples membership, how can I cancel my membership?

We are sorry to see you go! Our VIP memberships are a 12-month contract. If you are looking to cancel, here's what you need to know:

· Need to cancel before 12-months? You can waive the min 12-month commitment with 30 days notice in writing and by paying an early cancellation fee of $75.00 +tax.

· NO cancellation fees after 12+ months with 30 days notice in writing.

· Need to cancel right away? You can waive the 30 days notice requirement by paying an early cancellation fee of $75 +tax.

Request a membership pause or cancellation through an online form in the Breathe Fitness app. - Breathe Fitness app > My Profile > Forms > 2024 - Pause/Cancel My Auto-Renewing membership.

can I extend my punch passes?

If you're not able to get through all your punches before they expired, you have the option to extend. It's important to note:

* Every extension is a one-time $38.00 + tax extension fee per person & includes a class drop-in.
* No restrictions on the number of extensions.

* To request a punch pass extension, send us an email so we can implement the pass extension & process extension fee.

10x Punch Pass extension expires 3 months after extension date. 

5x Punch Pass extension expires 2 months after extension date.

helpful guides for managing your account with breathe fitness

setting up your account on the breathe fitness app

*you must sign up using a valid email to complete account setup.

Set up your account with Breathe Fitness.

purchasing a membership

How to purchase your memberships.

booking, managing your classes, and waitlisting

How to book into classes at Breathe Fitness

How to waitlist into classes.

yoga mat and studio shower reservations

Yoga Mat Rentals


Studio Shower Reservations

setting up account notifications

Never miss a breath! Ensure notifications are set up on your Breathe Fitness account.

Set up your account notifications.

still have questions? let us know how we can help!