studio 2: our non-heated fitness studio

Breathe has taken over the location next to our studio and retail location for non-heated fitness classes. This new studio location is called Studio 2 in the Breathe Fitness App.

This new studio space offers non-heated circuit training, boot camp, functional training, mobility classes, and more. Now you have the opportunity for more class options, getting you to move and sweat in more ways, at more times, with more space!

Non-heated fitness classes are included with your existing membership. Same booking policies and procedures apply to studio 2. Book a spot in advance using the Breathe Fitness app. On the day of your class, arrive 15 minutes early to check in at the non-heated studio.

booking into classes

what to bring to a class in our non-heated studio 2

  • clean indoor runners or training shoes

  • a large water bottle

  • personal sweat towels

when to arrive

To provide the best experience for you at Breathe, we have a strict attendance policy for all of our classes. We ask that you arrive 10-15 minutes before the start of class to set up your space and get settled. The front door is locked 5 minutes before the start of class to ensure we start & finish classes on time. This also provides safety for the guests inside the studio.

If you need to leave class early, please make arrangements with the instructor beforehand. We do not want to be disruptive to other guests attending the class. If you know that you will be unable to complete the entire class and leave early, we highly recommend attending another class so that clients on the waitlist can attend.

In the event of an emergency we need to have correct attendance. All instructors will check you in to class. If you cannot attend your scheduled class, please cancel out of the class via the Breathe Fitness app. This also allows clients on the waitlist an opportunity to attend class.

The studio floor is mopped after classes, and scheduled cleaners provide a deep clean of props, equipment, washrooms, showers, and more to ensure health and safety for all of our guests. We appreciate your help in making our studio a welcome, clean, and safe environment for everyone!

still have questions? let us know how we can help!