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Invertika Sinergika Sage Crop Top

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The SINERGIKA model is the first set of the new INVERTIKA I-TECHWEAR line.
revolutionary collection, clinically tested and certified, designed with the innovative INNERGY fabric that combines the beneficial and aesthetic effect with the most innovative fashion.

The yarn, incorporated with a natural mineral additive inside the fiber, converts the body's thermal energy into FIR (far infrared rays or also called health rays) going to energize the cells and cause a deep and delicate heating that tones the body, improves muscle elasticity and athletic performance

• Increases athletic performance during training (*)
• Reduces muscle fatigue and lactic acid (*)
• Reduces post-workout recovery times (*)
• Stimulates blood microcirculation (**)
• Improves skin elasticity and compactness of the skin (**)
• Improves imperfections and localized fat deposits (**)
• Reduces the "orange peel" appearance (**)

The results of the benefits are based on the following scientific studies conducted by:
- Polytechnic of Milan in collaboration with the University of Genoa
- Polytechnic of Turin
- Monzino Cardiological Center Institute  
- Bio Basic Europe and University of Pavia

SINERGIKAit is studied and designed to be comfortable and fashionable.
Luxurious fabric and Seamless (seamless) technology create a superlative set for fit.
The Top, characterized by perforations and ribs, creates a heart effect on the front giving the set elegance and femininity.
The central perforated band in the back gives uniqueness to the model.
Compression band for a modeling effect.
Side and back ribs to contain and create a pushup effect.