purchasing a breathe fitness membership with a discount code or gift certificate

Step 1: Download the Breathe Fitness App

Step 2: Set up your account (detailed "how to" below)

Step 3: Read, understand, and sign the liability waiver and personal health questionnaire

Step 4: Select your purchase option and:

  1. Apply the respective discount code at checkout. Codes are case-sensitive and must be applied by clicking the check mark. Discount will be applied before payment is accepted.
  2. Pay using a gift certificate. If you've received a gift certificate, you MUST APPLY GIFT CERT. TO YOUR PAYMENT METHODS, FIRST. Details in pull-down menu below for more help.

(Memberships are located under store. Note any expiration dates listed.)

Step 5: Book into your first class right in the app and get your sweat on!

What to bring to class and arriving for your first class


PLEASE NOTE: When purchasing a gift card, digital gift cards can take up to 12 hours to generate and will be emailed to your inbox.

Breathe Fitness does not have access to gift card information. Gift cards are considered payment methods and are strictly private.

No refunds or exchanges for gift cards, purchases, or discount codes processed incorrectly. We recommend that the person purchasing the gift certificates enter their own email to ensure receipt. The gift card can then be forwarded to the intended recipient.

Please reach out before making purchase if you need additional guidance or information. Contact Breathe's Community Relationship Manager, Marija, for more help.

membership discount code & gift certificate guides

purchasing a membership gift certificate

applying a membership gift card to your account's payment methods

applying a membership gift card

need help finding your gift card number?

applying a membership discount code

applying an account credit when purchasing a new membership

If you have an account credit on your membership account, you can apply that balance to a new membership purchase.

During checkout, you will see your account balance that can be applied under Payment Methods. Be sure to select the account balance that is shown, as well as the card you will use to cover the remainder of the payment.

helpful guides for managing your account with breathe fitness

getting started at breathe fitness

class set up at breathe fitness

setting up your account on the breathe fitness app

Set up your account with Breathe Fitness.

purchasing a membership

How to purchase your memberships.

booking, managing your classes, and waitlisting

How to book into classes at Breathe Fitness

How to waitlist into classes.

yoga mat and studio shower reservations

Yoga Mat Rentals


Studio Shower Reservations

setting up account notifications

Never miss a breath! Ensure notifications are set up on your Breathe Fitness account.

Set up your account notifications.

still have questions? let us know how we can help!