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Aloha Collection

Tulum by Samudra Small Pouch

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Let your imagination wander as you picture the mesmerizing shades of the azure blue waters mirroring the vibrant sky above. Our Tulum print embodies the perfect harmony between land, sky, and sea, granting you a glimpse into the magical elements of this exotic destination.

The Small Pouch: Beach to Bar, Pool to Plane, or Boat to Dock

Your favorite bikini bag, made to keep your wet stuff separate and your dry stuff dry, so pack your bags!
Ultimate leak free make-up bag
Made out of a special technical material to keep your stuff protected against splashes, spills, and weather while you go from point A to point B
Use all day at the beach or pool, then take it out on the town to use as a cute clutch
Measures: 8" across x 1.5" wide x 6.5" tall